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How do I get motivated to look for a job?

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How do I get motivated to look for a job?


Do you really want to?

That seems like a smart-aleck response to your question, but it isn’t meant that way.

Some people are motivated by economic need: hunger is a great motivator. Some are goaded by wanting to help the world, or by having a burning desire to do some particular task for an audience that is close to their hearts. Some are impelled by a desire for more money, for security or to acquire stuff. Some want to be with like-minded people. Some want to create beautiful or useful things, or to enlighten others.

If none of those describes you, then maybe you don’t need a job. Maybe you just need to stop thinking about it for now.

Is your lack of motivation really depression? Or a way to put off making a decision? Or a need for more knowledge about yourself, your skills, and what the job market is looking for? Are you afraid of change? Worried about rejection? Concerned your skills may not be up to par? Perhaps just too comfortable where you are? Does looking for a job seem like too big a task?

If that’s the case, then FCWS has a wealth of resources to help you. We have a network in the community to find ways to help with depression. We have seminars and information to help you decide what would be a good job for you. We may be able to provide skills training, if you need an upgrade; we can certainly help you identify the skills you already have. We have job leads from all over the area, and lots of other information about the local labor market. We provide networking opportunities that will give you the scoop on various companies. We’ll help you take the job search step-by-baby-step, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Ask yourself why you want a job. Once you have that answer, keep your eyes on the prize. Use all the resources at your disposal. You’ll soon have that job, if that’s what you really want.