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Question: I’ve heard that is one of the best websites to use for job search, but I never seem to get much response from it. What am I doing wrong? Answer: We tend to have great expectations of CareerBuilder. We want to believe that all we have to do is post our résumé there, and wait for the job offers to pour in. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. Job seekers assume that CareerBuilder is the best because all the employers go there. Many do; but so do all the job seekers. So there is tremendous competition for available jobs. In addition, says Nick Corcodilos of, CareerBuilder is not there for the sake of job seekers. “There is no commitment (in CareerBuilder’s mission statement) about matching people with jobs. The company's mission is to sell advertising and take care of its shareholders,” he says. “CareerBuilder is not in the business of matching people with jobs. It is a marketing and advertising company that uses trivial data base methods to make money from naive job hunters and employers.” The most effective way to use the Internet in your job search is to seek out the website of a company that interests you. Research it thoroughly. Then, if it still looks good, apply through the company’s own site. Now you are doing a targeted job search and cutting down on the competition at the same time. You’ll know there is some likelihood of a live person reviewing your information, and a live person who may even have some interest in you as well. You’re also protecting your privacy by not putting your contact information out on the Internet for all the world to see. That said, the career advice on CareerBuilder (and and similar sites) is solid. Use them to find out what jobs will be hot in the coming months; what to put on your résumé; what to wear to the interview; how to negotiate your salary, etc.