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How can I find a similar service in another state?

Question: You all have a wonderful service in Frederick. I recently relocated to Washington State with my husband who is in the military. How can I find a great service like yours out here? Also, do you know if there are services for military spouses here as there are in Frederick? Answer: I am glad to hear that you have such high regard for our center. There are a number of websites that will provide you with the locations of offices that can assist you. Centers such as ours are located throughout the country but the services in each center differ. Each local center determines the services offered and who can avail themselves of those services. Go to and put in your zip code and it will direct you to a listing and website link for a One Stop Center like Frederick's Business and Employment Center . I also spoke to our Veterans Employment Representative and she recommended going to the following site: . She said she often uses this site to assist veterans and their spouses. In addition, you can go to your local base’s ACS office (Army Community Service Center) and utilize their resources. These are typically free and specialized for military personnel and their families. Good luck in all your endeavors. Thank you for you and your spouse’s service. It is greatly appreciated.