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How can I anticipate what questions will I be asked during an interview?

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Question: Is there any way to know in advance what type of questions I might be asked in a job interview? Answer: Usually taking a look at the company job description will tell you exactly what type of questions you might be asked on the interview. For example, if the job description says something like “We are looking for someone to market our programs”, you are probably guaranteed to get a question on what have you marketed in the past and will be asked to give examples. The company might want to know when you did marketing, what you learned from your experience and what suggestions you would have for improvement.  When you look at the job description, think of a few examples for each trait the company lists for their ideal candidate. You might not have every trait in your past/current work experience but if you get selected for an interview, the company has identified you as being a potential match for their needs. Take a good look at what is expected in the position, and be prepared to address each and every trait listed. Good luck!!!