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Fired from last job...

The Hiring Process

Question: I was fired from my last job. How do I answer the question on applications “Reason for leaving”? Answer:  First and foremost, I would recommend being honest, and your choice of words is an important part of being truthful. If you choose not to say “Fired” or “Terminated”, you can put “Would prefer to discuss”. However, this answer can also appear to be a red flag to an employer who might think you left due to some unpleasant situation, like sexual harassment or being a whistle blower. And, though it is not fair or right, human nature causes some employers to see those conditions as being your fault, and not your previous employers. At, I found the following answer by Alison Doyle, who is a job search expert with many years of experience in human resources, career development, and job searching, with a focus on online job searching and job search technology. She has covered job searching for since 1998.