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Finding a Job in a Competitive Market

Ask the Employer

How can I be successful finding employment in such a competitive job market?

From Christine Demas, Independent Business Consultant:

Do your homework!  Know before you walk in the door what the company does, what their history is, what is important to them.  Research some of the acronyms of their industry.  Just 30 minutes of research can go a long way in “speaking the same language” as your interviewer.   The more you understand about the company, the better you can match your experience to their needs.

From Rose Davis, PHR, HR Manager, Canam Steel Corp:

First, be sure to research the company with whom you are interviewing.  Share your background and how it fits into their organization.  Second, one resume doesn't fit all. Be sure to highlight your skills based on the job for which you are applying.  And third, you must sell yourself. Don't sit in front of the individual and short change yourself. You are your best advocate.  No one else can sell you better than you can!

From Karen Barry, Aeroflex Weinschel:

If you are currently unemployed, make your time off count.  Do something worthwhile, volunteer during your unemployed time.  If possible, volunteer for a cause related to the field/job you are pursuing. If that is not an option, then volunteer for something new and list your volunteer efforts on your resume.  Employers will see you as someone who is able to handle change and “make lemonade out of lemons”.  Change is inevitable, and employers like to talk to people who are able to deal with change in a positive manner.  And through volunteering you could quite possibly find your dream job.

From Charles Hunt, Labor Exchange Administrator, Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation:

Make sure to research your target company and make reference to your research in your application materials. Indicate the specific company values that link to your values. Candidates that demonstrate sincere interest and respect for the target company’s products, services, awards and civic participation may stand out favorably among the others.