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Does a recent high school graduate need a resume?

Career Exploration The Hiring Process

Question: I am graduating form High School in May. Do I need a resume? Answer:  It is always proper and good to prepare and send a resume and cover letter. It represents someone who is taking a professional approach and ready for the work world. Resumes are a way of introducting yourself to a prospective employer. They are designed to provide a brief descrition of your skills and experiences. They are dynamic and customized to illustrate how your skills meet /match the qualification/action statements for the position. Most effective resumes demonstrate one's experiences. These experiences include both paid and unpaid work. Experiences take on many forms; paid positions, volunteer with social and religious organizations, internship positions, and participation and leadership roles in youth groups, social and civic clubs and sports teams. A good resume and accompanying cover letter can be hard work and should be taken very seriously. Write, review, tweak, critique and have others critque. A thoughtful, well-written resume will expand one's ability to secure employment. Frederick County Workforce Services offers a resume seminar and many resources on writing resumes to help you.