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Do you have any suggestions for completing an online job application?

Career Exploration The Hiring Process

Completing an online application can try one's patience. Preparation can minimize this frustration.  First, prepare your resume.  You should have at least two versions of your resume.  One version in a classic, very professional word processing format, like Microsoft Word, which you can use to send as an email attachment or send via regular mail.  The second version should be formatted for posting on the Internet.  You also need to be prepared to send a cover letter via email, depending on a company's particular application process. Second, establish an email account for the company to correspond with you. Make sure this account's name sounds professional.  Avoid cute, quirky, and clever names. Yahoo and Google offer free email accounts through their websites at and Third, as with all jobs for which you apply, it is very important that you do research on the company and the position.  This step should never be skipped if you want to have an advantage over other job seekers.   Now, you should be ready to start an online application. You need to be familiar with word processing or partner with someone who can assist you with the application process. Allow yourself at least one hour of uninterrupted time to complete the application and other requirements. Many applications require you complete an online assessment in areas such as math, reading or personality. Some applications will time out if you take too long on any one particular screen. If this happens, you will need to start over, and trust me, you will be frustrated! Consider printing out the instructions to ensure you address all the required information as directed. An ever increasing number of companies use this method to receive applications. Understanding and mastering this process will allow you to be competitive for those companies and their open positions.