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Didn't get the job there anything I can or should do to improve my chances the next time around?

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Question: I was a top candidate but did not get the offer. Is there anything you would advise me to do now besides saying thank you for the opportunity? Answer: Yes, there are a couple of things you can do. Number one is something you can consider every time you have an interview and are not chosen for a second interview or given an offer. Ask for feedback, or a critiquing, on your interview performance, and what you need to become a future candidate for employment.  Some employers will not be willing to take the time, or are not skillful at giving direct feedback, so be prepared to not get any useful information. But from those employers who will answer honestly, these first-hand opinions can be very constructive. Secondly, you can call the company back in about a month or so. After reminding the person you interviewed with of your name and the date and position you interviewed for, ask them how their decision is working out.  If they have chosen the wrong person, or the person has moved on, the employer could be very happy to hear from you.  They may have been thinking of ending the hire during the probation period, and could be relieved to know that you are still in the market.  Your interest could mean that the company won’t have to recruit again, and you may be called in for another interview and given the offer at this point.