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Didn't get the job? How to cope with rejection...

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Tips from Tammy Feaster, Spherion Staffing:

I never look at rejection as a negative thing in the job search process but as a way you can evaluate yourself to become a stronger interviewer and applicant.

Ask for feedback on why you weren't selected. This way you can sharpen those skills the next time you interview.

Rejection is difficult and can really affect each interview, if your confidence breaks. The greatest tip you can use is to practice with someone before each interview, stay positive about that opportunity before going in. Have them ask questions that could stump you and this will help you sharpen your answers.

Tips from Laurie Ballow of

Stay positive, and keep moving forward. Apply for lots of jobs and go on lots of interviews. It’s good practice, keeps you engaged, and having lots of irons in the fire keeps you from focusing on the job you didn’t get. Even if you don’t get an offer for the job you interviewed for, the employer may keep you in the pipeline for other positions in the company. The more people you meet, the more likely you are to find the right fit.

Network—not just at formal networking events but everywhere. Talk to people. Many employers cite referrals as the source of their best hires, yet they represent only about 7% of applicants. Friends and acquaintances will be more likely to refer you if they know you’re in the market for a new job.

Talk to other job seekers, career consultants, or other people for support. Job searching can be harsh, so it helps to share your frustrations and know that you are not alone. (iHire just started a LinkedIn group with discussions that both job seekers and employers can participate in.

Practice your interview skills and prepare like crazy to boost your confidence and generate positive energy – two things employers are looking for.