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Completing a traditional employment application

The Hiring Process

Question: Do I need to fill in everything on an application for employment? Answer: We definitely recommend having a prepared copy to carry with you to a business. When completing an application, it is important to do exactly what the employer requires. Read the instructions thoroughly and follow them! The application is a legal document which you sign and attest to its accuracy. Make sure you print or write legibly. If you are applying for an administrative assistant position, then type your application to prove your skills.  Use formal English; spell everything out. Avoid using Company-specific jargon, but using industry-wide jargon would be appropriate as that is generally widely known. Use strong action words and statements as you would with a résumé. Proofread to ensure you have used proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Check to ensure you have signed everywhere they require, as applications often have multiple places for signature. You can find out more tips by attending Frederick County Workforce Services’ seminar titled Résumé and Applications. Good luck with future application completion.