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Common Mistakes Made By Job Seekers in 2015

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This month, we asked a couple of local employers to respond to the following question: In your experience, what are the most common mistakes made by job seekers?

Ann Bonitatibus, Chief Operating Officer, FCPS

Job seekers make common, but easily remedied, mistakes that often lead to more frustration during the process. The most common errors we see are as follows:

  • Applying for a job when the minimum qualifications are not met. Potential candidates get frustrated because they are not selected for interviews, and they expect to have feedback on why they do not meet the minimum criteria when it is typically self-explanatory.
  • Not following instructions on an application. In an age of electronic applications, it is important to attach all required documents such as cover letters, resumes, transcripts, and reference letters. Not all application software will give you an error message if you have missed a piece. Also, make sure information is accurate. A reference form cannot be sent electronically if you type the wrong email address. Paying attention to detail will make a difference and eliminate frustration on the applicant's part.
  • Failing to be prepared for an interview. Practice, practice, practice. Do not assume an interview is an informal chat that can survive on impromptu responses. Also, show interest in the employer- come prepared with a few interesting questions to ask.

Lisa Morrissey, HR Manager, Common Market

  • Not staying on point when answering a question (rambling).
  • Casually cursing throughout the interview when giving examples of past experiences. 
  • No prior knowledge of the company for which they are interviewing.