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Blogging to find a job?

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Question: I’ve heard that I should use blogs for my job search. Why is that? Answer: Blogging is still a little controversial and difficult for some people to “get into” but it really can add a new tool to your job search kit. For a job seeker, a blog: Gives examples that you can write clearly, persuasively, with humor or otherwise Proves you have subject matter expertise Attests to your knowledge of technology Demonstrates your skills or talents How do you find blogs?  Blog search engines  Directories such as Blogarama or Blogwise, etc  Read articles about successful blogging  Look at the blogrolls of reputable job search authors  See blogs listed on networking sites Like any other one method you use for your job search though, don’t spend too much time reading blogs.  Stay focused on the end result you want: A satisfying, productive job.