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Being the best at what you do....

Job Training Success on the Job

Question: I’m fresh out of school, and I want to be the best at what I do. Beyond the specifics of the job, are there any general principles to reach that goal? Answer: What a great goal! Good for you. A post recently appeared on Paul Castain’s website,, called “Best Quiz Ever!” It was written by Mark McCarthy, and it addressed exactly this question. It prompted the reader to think of people who had influenced him, and why. It asked, “Who’s the best friend/teacher/boss, etc., you ever knew, and why is he/she the best?” When you answer those questions, you have your template for being the best. You identify the traits that make these influential folks important in your life; then you cultivate those characteristics in yourself. You’ll probably find those qualities growing just because you put some conscious effort into it. Once you’ve identified the qualities, you can create a mission statement. Mark McCarthy’s statement went something like this: I’ll be the best when I get better at giving unconditional support, when I can better teach how knowledge really helps you, when I get better at encouraging out of control thinking, when all my client relationships are amazing, when I care more often about others than myself and when I get more relentlessly obsessed with the customer. If you’d like to see the entire article, here’s the link: You have a noble goal. Go for it!