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Applied for many jobs, but still no offer?

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Question: I have been job hunting for over a month. I’ve sent out over 25 résumés. I have good skills in a field with lots of openings, but I haven’t had a nibble. What’s wrong? Answer: It could be any of a number of things. The first question to ask is: are you getting interviews? If so, you know your résumé is working the way it should; its job is to get you interviews. If not, look at it again as if you were an employer. Is there something that might put an employer off? Do you have the required experience and education? Do you supply enough detail, but not too much? Does your résumé make you look old? Is it reader-friendly (a clear and attractive document)? Does it list all your best qualifications near the top? If you want more information on résumés, check the events calendar for the next “Résumés and Applications” seminar. Once you’ve completed that, you can have your résumé critiqued by a Certified Professional Résumé Writer at our Résumé Clinic. If the résumé is in order and employers are calling you, the next trouble spot is the interview. Are you prepared? Do you know something about the company? Are you able to anticipate the questions the interviewer asks? Are you talking enough, or perhaps too much? Do you dress for the job you want? Is your outfit clean, pressed, appropriate? Do you arrive on time? Do you have questions to ask the interviewer? You can gain more information on how to handle job interviews in our “Interview Success” seminar; click on the link for Upcoming Events to find out when the next class is. One last question for you: did you send a thank-you note after the interview? Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it’s still a good idea. (Trying to save work in the job hunt is false economy, like staying up all night studying for an exam. If you sleep through the test, you lose all your points.) Many employers expect a thank-you note. In case you forgot to tell them something important, this is your opportunity. Besides, it’s courteous; and in some companies, the lack of a thank- you note is a deal breaker. If you don’t get the job, you might call the interviewer and ask for free advice. Assume they made a good choice; you just want to know if there’s something you could have done better. That said, a month is not a long time to look for the right job, though it certainly feels like half of forever. Keep at it. Don’t give up.