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Applied for a job weeks ago and haven't heard anything...

The Hiring Process

Question: I applied for a job three weeks ago and haven't heard anything. Is it time to look for another job to apply for? Answer: In short, YES! The best way to prolong your job search is to apply for a job and wait to hear back. Many employers will never answer at all; they feel they are just too busy to answer each submission.  (No, it's not nice, but that's how it is.) You should always have many irons in the fire when you're job searching. Apply for every job that you're qualified for in the geographic area to which you're willing to commute. The job market is tight nowadays; most of the jobs you apply for probably won't work out. This is not unusual. If you have many job openings you're working on, the time you are searching will be shorter, and you won't miss out on any possibilities while waiting for a job that will never materialize. Of course you’re watching for the perfect job, but sometimes perfect jobs take a while to appear. While you’re waiting, you may need a job that is only a very good fit. There are probably a lot more of them lying around. Apply for good jobs too, while you’re watching for the perfect one. Keep your eyes open all the time, even when you get your next job. Even if it’s the perfect one. But don’t just wait for a job to find you. You could wait a really long time