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And the most important skill is....?

Success on the Job Ask the Employer

From an employer's perspective, what is the most important skill for a job seeker to possess?

From Lisa Morrissey, Human Resources Manager, Common Market:

"In my opinion, the most important skill a job seeker should possess is strong interpersonal skills – not only the ability to positively and professionally interact with internal and external customers and effectively communicate with all levels of people, but also to do it in a genuine manner.  If an applicant has strong interpersonal skills, they most likely can adapt and learn in any environment." 

From Amanda Haddaway, Director of Human Resources and Marketing, Folcomer Equipment Corporation:

"There’s really no substitute for a strong work ethic. We want to hire people who show up for work willing to give 100% to the job at hand. We can train for skills, but there’s not a whole lot that we can do if someone isn’t willing to work."