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A New Job Search Technique for the New Year?

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Question: It’s a new year, and I’m really ready to find that new job. What one thing can I do to increase my chances? Answer: Assuming you’ve already taken advantage of all the services available at FCWS (and if you haven’t, this is a good time to check them out), one other thing you might consider is social networking. Social networking isn’t just for teens any more. While MySpace and Facebook are good for getting in touch with friends, family and others with similar interests, LinkedIn is much better for job search and other professional purposes. With LinkedIn (, you can get in touch with people you already know: colleagues from past jobs, old friends from college, and so on. But you can also (electronically) meet their friends, and their friends, and maybe even their friends. If you want to know about a particular company, there is a great deal of information on any sizable company there, and even some that are not so sizable. The information is both grand in scale (where the company is located, what they do) and very detailed as well (new hires, promotions, job titles, what they’re worth on the stock market today, etc.) You can even search profiles of some of the top employees. Don’t dismiss Twitter for job hunting either. You can get up-to-the minute information about companies you follow, and insider information from people who work there. You’ll also want to check out Tweet My Jobs ( You’ll need a Twitter account to use it. has job openings from over 6000 fields and companies. You can have leads sent instantly to your cell phone or other mobile device. If some of they don’t suit you, you can send them on to other job seekers who might like them. And of course you can post your résumé and update it whenever you like. We all know networking is the best way to find a new job, but face-to-face networking is difficult for a lot of people. But no matter how shy you are, social networking on the Internet is within your reach. Using these sites is fairly simple; if you have basic computer skills, you’ll be fine. Spiff up your résumé first, so it’s ready to post. Leave no link unclicked; there are many great features beyond the home page. Add this to what you’re already doing, and that new job should be yours soon!   �